PHP Scripts
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Shell Scripts
BFFMP4 - FFMpeg Automated 'Batch' script(s) (Linux)
Miscellaneous Bash Stuff

Misc Stuff
Zip of TextMate conversion for Pascal code syntax highlighting for Sublime Text Editor

Custom Installer Samples
Abuse™ - A functioning game installer using the DOS game "Abuse" (c) 1996. Uses DosBox and a number of custom code additions to allow for patching/clean reinstalls/game registration in windows and more.
More samples of installer work available on request.

Windows Apps
ActGen - An activation/serial/password code generator written for Windows (all version)
Inno Setup Extractor - An "innounp GUI" for "Inno Setup" installers. For Windows (all versions)

Building page. Please check back soon as there may be changes...