BASH Script: Check SSL certificate(s) for expiration

A Bash script to retrieve and check expiration date on given certificate(s).
This can be a file, website/internet site, or a list.

show_ssl_expire [-h] [-c] [-d DAYS] [-f FILENAME] | [-w WEBSITE] | [-s SITELIST]

Retrieve the expiration date(s) on SSL certificate(s) using OpenSSL.

    -h  Help

    -c  Color output

    -d  Amount of days to show warnings (default is 30 days)
        Example: -d 15

    -f  SSL date from FILENAME
        Example: -f /home/user/example.pem

Screenshot System - Share Screenshots Instantly Over AWS S3

This Guide

Over the years I have come to rely on sharing screenshots I take as I work. This guide will allow you to create a screenshot URL that is immediately usable based around a secure Amazon S3 storage bucket for a few dollars a month. I am using a Linux FTP server (LAN access only!) which accepts uploads from my Windows machines using a Windows application to take the screenshot, upload it, and then copy a usable URL to the copy/paste buffer. I can then share the web link with whoever/whatever.

Certbot / Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certificates - Ubuntu 17.xx

Wildcard is supported as of Certbot 0.22.2

Currently, version 0.22.2 is only available on the Ubuntu 17.xx repository. Other Linux distributions may differ of course. If you currently have Certbot installed under 17.xx you may wish to "certbot delete" and "apt purge" it first. In other words you should probably start over.

Use the FIND command to reduce old backup/files

A Bash script to remove/cleanup backups (or any files matching the date field in filename).
Uses FIND command - Example shown retains/saves 1st of month backup only if older than 90 days.

Fail2ban - Postfixadmin Authentication Jail

Quick fix to "Postfixadmin" and a jail for "Fail2ban" to allow fail2ban use.

Ubuntu 14.xx/Trusty - Postgrey - startup/init.d

Ubuntu (past/present) has a broken Postgrey SysV /etc/init.d (start(up)/status/stop) file - and possibly will not startup (default install) on a reboot/etc. This will have an ill effect on mail delivery (postfix/etc).

Here is one that works. Make sure you either replace entire file with one below or edit the pertinent lines.

Remember that this is not an upstart override - you are editing a SysV init file directly.

Raspberry Pi + Webcam + Zoneminder

0. Parts & Software


Have moved site to 'cloud' hosting on AWS. Speed should be better...

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