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Inno Setup Extractor / Unpacker

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I've never found a frontend for "innounp.exe" that worked really well (especially under Vista/7). This frontend (GUI) can unpack/extract Inno Setup Installers using "innounp.exe". This is the first GUI (afaik) to allow for all options to be picked/unpicked, drag/dropping of files, plus a batch mode (see to-do list). Files may be verbose listed only and passwords used. Feedback / Bug reports are welcome. Written in Lazarus Free Pascal.

Version 1.12  (x86 or x64 EXE for Windows)

Download Source and Binaries Windows XP (or newer) (x86 & x64 versions)

To Do List / Request List
  • Batch only turns off messages and allows to drag drop file and have it exec immediately. I need to add string list of files (multiple file selection and have it unpack each without prompting)
  • Create temp 'verbose only' listing of files (in code) and allow user to highlight/pick individual files for extracting (such as script only)
  • Fix "File/Open Recent" menu dialog option - Forgot to add it.
  • Possible: Add context menu option to source code (can turn off) and installer tasks/code (unchecked by default) to allow for Explorer context extraction.
  • Fix Progress Bar. Not based on correct values. Base on calculated number of lines from verbose listing. (Already in code..)