Miscellaneous Bash Stuff

Some BASH stuff I use on most of my machines.. help yourself.

My usual prompt (use this at the bottom of your .bashrc):

XTERMTITLE='\[\e]2;\u@\H MachineNameHere  \w\a'
MYPROMPT='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\e[34;1m\][\T] \[\e[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\e[00m\]:\[\e[01;34m\]\W\[\e[00m\] \$\[\e[0m\] '

Some aliases I use (use these in ".bash_aliases"):
alias ps='ps -Af f'
alias se='sudo nano -wcS'
alias service-restart='sudo systemctl restart $1'
alias service-start='sudo systemctl start $1'
alias service-stop='sudo systemctl stop  $1'
alias l='ls -la'
alias sw='sudo -u www-data'
alias system_upgrade='echo ; sudo echo -n "Current Distribution: "; \
                     lsb_release -sd; \
                     echo; \
                     sudo apt update && echo && sudo apt upgrade && echo && sudo apt autoremove;