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Over the years I have used many of these Slackware sites. Since Slackware can be somewhat difficult to setup, especially for the beginner, I have found these sites to help. Some of these links I haven't checked in awhile. Most should work...

Have fun with Slackware!

Main Slackware Links

Main Slackware Site. - v13.37 is most recent stable version. "-current" would be the newest builds/updates/"beta".
"Get Slack" Slackware Mirror Listing (USA). - Mirror list. Most use TORRENTS for ISO downloads.
Slackware Packages - Browse Slackware Packages
Developmental Stuff (Testing) - (AKA - Beta/Testing Area)

Slackware Package Depots:

Official Slackware Package Browser - Browse Slackware Packages
The 'Slackbuilds' Site - Lot's of advice on how to make slack builds and packages. Seems to be well maintained.
Jay's Obscure Slackware Packages - A bit out of date now. Was a great site for hard to find packages.
Linux Packages - Great Slackware PKG Source! (Becareful, though.)

Slackware Package Administration

Slackpkg at or - Slackware package management system now included in main slackware distro/disk. Using this one currently.
Swaret - Swaret is still available, and was pretty good at resolving dependencies if setup correctly. No longer maintained. Be careful.
Slapt-get (CLI) / Gslapt-get (GTK GUI) - 'APT-like system for Slackware package management.' Does some dependency checking. I like Slackpkg better, but that's me.
Slaktool - 'Advanced Slackware Package Management'
Checkinstall - Checkinstall is suppose to MAKE from source, build the Slack package, and then install. Have used with mostly success.
Alien - Alien is a program that converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and slackware tgz file formats. (I try and build my own).
"The perfect package." - From "" (site is gone now). Does give some good advice on building a standardized Slackware package. (See "Building Packages" and "Package Tools", too.)
Slackware Build Central - Help on Packaging. Outdated last I checked.
Note: As of 12.2+ Pat has changed the standard Slackware package extension to ".TXZ" (XZ compression is now used).

This will definitely break older tools if installing a txz pkg. Keep this in mind. (Active as of 5/9/2009)

Mirror Listings

List Slackware Official Mirror's - Main list of mirrors.
Slackware Mirror List - From the 'AbnormalPenguin' site.
Slackware Info - Alphageeks source of mirror and other general info.

Books, Manuals, FAQ's, HOWTO's and all that...

Official 'Slackware Linux Essentials' Online Book - The Book. Lot's of nice work went into it.
NEW Official 'Slackware Linux Essentials' Online Book - Another link to above. Not sure if it differs. (Revisions?)
The Slackware Handbook - A user editable handbook setup by mad penguin.
WikiPedia - Slackware - One of the best resources for anything!
Slackware FAQs - From main Slack site...
LQ Slackware (Wiki) FAQs - Linux Questions Wiki-Faq (Pretty good..)
LinuxTipps Slackware FAQ - Looks okay.
alt.os.linux.slackware FAQ
LP Slackware FAQs - Linux Packages (Slackware) Faq (Forum like)
List of How-To's - Over at Slackware Support.
Slackware Support dot Com - More help.
Slackware Help (.org) - A nice looking phpBB (Forum) site. Been around for awhile. Looks like it will stay.
Slackware Help Forum - A subforum like on LQuestions (LinuxForums.Org).
Slackware Help/Walk-Thru - Looks like a pretty good site with lot's of thought put into it.
Slackware Basics - Decent site with lot's of help.
Slackware Tips and Tricks
The Official Slackware Newsgroup - Alt.Os.Linux.Slackware *From: Google Groups*
Linux Questions - Slackware
Linux Questions - Slackware Installation
OpenAddict - Not so much Slackware, but admin seems to be 'Slackware-centric'
Eric "Alien Bob" Hameleers Slack Wiki. - Alien Bob's scripts have been valuable to me over the years.
Eric's scripts helped me learn bash scripting.
To get things working try some of his rc_scripts.
(This O'Reilly book helped quite a bit, too.)

And other stuff... (let me know if a link is dead...)

AMIGO Linux - Newbies take a look...This WILL help YOU!
Slackware 'UserLocal' Site
Link to Freshmeat Slackware Project - Simply Slackware on Freshmeat
Slackware Gallery - Get some new Wallpaper!
SlackFTP - Install Slackware straight from FTP using FTPFS Bootdisks
390 Linux - A modified Slack Distro for IBM Mainframe systems.
Splack - A modified Slack Distro for SUN Sparc Systems.
Slackintosh - A modified Slack Distro for Apple Mac.
Slackintosh Exploits - A modified Slack Distro for Apple - exploits page.
LNO Linux - A modified Slack's here and not in distro's because it is inactive-but still up...?
The Slackware Blog - Don't know much about this link.
Slackware (X-Windows) Screenshots - O'Reilley Slackware screenshots.
Distro Watch Slackware Link - Links for Slackware. Current versioning info for packages. now redirects to Linux Questions - Slackware Releases and Forum @LQ

Slackware groups in different nations:

Slackware LUG - Argentina
Slackware LUG - Brazil
Slackware LUG - Chile
Slackware LUG - China
Slackware LUG - Croatia
Slackware LUG - Czech Republic
Slackware LUG - France
Slackware LUG - Germany
Slackware LUG - Hungary
Slackware LUG - Italy
Slackware LUG - Mexico
Slackware LUG - Poland
Slackware LUG - Portugal
Slackware LUG - Romania
Slackware LUG - Russia
Slackware LUG - Spain
Slackware LUG - Sweden
Slackware LUG - Switzerland
Slackware LUG - Turkey
Slackware LUG - Uzbekistan

*** Not all are Linux User Groups (LUGs), but this should be a good start for some. If anyone wants me to add to list reach me below. Also check out for more.

If you know of any more links PLEASE notify me via email. I am trying to get as many Slackware related links as possible together on this page. I always find a few links here and few links there, but never all in one spot. I am hoping to get them all here in one convenient place.