BASH Script: Check SSL certificate(s) for expiration

A Bash script to retrieve and check expiration date on given certificate(s).
This can be a file, website/internet site, or a list.

show_ssl_expire [-h] [-c] [-d DAYS] [-f FILENAME] | [-w WEBSITE] | [-s SITELIST]

Retrieve the expiration date(s) on SSL certificate(s) using OpenSSL.

    -h  Help

    -c  Color output

    -d  Amount of days to show warnings (default is 30 days)
        Example: -d 15

    -f  SSL date from FILENAME
        Example: -f /home/user/example.pem

    -w  SSL date from SITE(:PORT) (Port defaults to 443)
        Example: -w

    -s  SSL date(s) from SITELIST
        Example:      -s ./websites.txt
        List format:  sub.domain.tld:993 (one per line - port optional)

    $ show_ssl_expire -c -d 14 -s ./websites.txt

    WARNS (in color) if within 14 days of expiring on each entry in the file list.

Note: If no arguments/flags given the script defaults to interactive mode/loop.

Full script is located here: