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Gaming system run on Ryzen V1000 or R1000

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 22:00
Quixant’s Linux-ready “QXI-7000 LITE” casino gaming PC runs on AMD’s Ryzen Embedded R1000 or V1000 with up to 32GB DDR4, dual SATA, up to 4x displays, and the Quixant Gaming Ecosystem with up to 16MB PCIe Gen2 NVRAM and new QxATS tracing system. Quixant has launched the QXI-7000 LITE casino gaming system it promised in […]
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Torrential - An Open-Source Torrent Client for elementaryOS

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 21:00

Torrential is a simple open-source torrent client designed for elementary OS users

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How to install TeamViewer in Linux ?

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 20:46
TeamViewer is one of the most popular application for controlling other PCs remotely. As a free tech support software, TeamViewer is widely used by IT professionals and individuals. Additionally, it supports video conferencing and audio or video group calls. TeamViewer is available for Linux distributions and this article is a step-by-step guide on how to install TeamViewer in your Linux system
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Debian and Ubuntu Patch Critical Sudo Security Vulnerability, Update Now

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 19:31
The Debian Project and Canonical were quick to patch a critical security vulnerability that affected the sudo program, which lets users run programs with the security privileges of another user, urging users to update their systems immediately.
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Dodging derailment by SUSE, OpenStack Train is scheduled to arrive this week

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 18:17
Choo choo mothertruckers. With its OpenInfrastructure summit mere weeks away, the OpenStack gang is emitting its next release in the form of "Train" with a focus on data protection and machine learning.…
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Analyzing Linux server performance with atop

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 17:03
The atop command displays you a more anatomized view of your server's performance.
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Three ways to Send Email from Ubuntu Command Line

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 17:00

Learn three ways through which you can send email on the Ubuntu command line.

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How to install Ntopng Network Monitor on Debian 10

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 16:00

Ntopng is a free, open-source and very useful network monitoring tool that can be used to monitor network traffic in real-time.

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Ping - Basic Network Troubleshooting in Linux

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 15:48
Most people know how to ping. But do they really know how it works? In this article we try to describe how ping works, why you should us it and how to use the basic command and it's options.
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Distribution Release: NuTyX 11.2 - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 15:23
NuTyX is a French Linux distribution (with multi-language support) built from Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch, with a custom package manager called "cards". The project's latest release is NuTyX 11.2 which includes several new package updates, including an LTS release of the Linux kernel. "I'm....
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How To Create Custom Ubuntu Live CD Image Using Cubic

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 15:00

ostechnix: Cubic, stands for Custom Ubuntu ISO Creator

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Why I use rxvt as my terminal

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 14:34
I[he]#039[/he]m a fan of Konsole and GNOME Terminal, and I use them both regularly. They[he]#039[/he]re great projects, and they represent modern terminals that meet the needs of users who spend their day in a shell, as well as users who only dip into a Unix shell every now and again. They integrate nicely into a desktop environment, bridging the gap between common GUI tasks and common shell tasks. I use GNOME Terminal at work and Konsole at home, and I enjoy them both.
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3 Ways Of Installing Tor Browser On Linux

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 14:00

LinuxUprising: Tor Browser, previously known as Tor Browser Bundle, is a web browser that protects your privacy while you are surfing the Internet.

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Plasma 5.17 is out!

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 13:20
KDE launches the new version of its acclaimed desktop environment, Plasma 5.17. Plasma 5.17 is the version where the desktop anticipates your needs. Among many new features and improvements..........
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starship - elegant cross-shell prompt at your fingertips

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 13:00

By default, the configuration for Bash on popular distributions identifies the user name, hostname, and the current working directory

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Getting started with regular expressions: An example

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 12:05
Dive right into a regular expression example in this second of four regular expression articles.
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A Guide to running a Reverse proxy for HTTP(S), SSH and MySQL/MariaDB using NGINX

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 12:00

HowToForge: This guide will walk you through the installation and configuration of NGINX

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How to Deploy a Dynamic DNS Server with Docker on Debian 10

HowToForge - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 11:24
This article will guide you through the complete setup of a Dynamic DNS server in a Docker container on a Debian 10 system, including setting up the required DNS records, placing the management API behind an Nginx HTTPS reverse proxy, and automating the client-side DNS record updates.
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Use sshuttle to build a poor man’s VPN

Linux Today News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 11:00

sshuttle  lets you set up a quick and dirty VPN with just SSH access.

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Linux Kernel 5.2 Reached End of Life, Users Urged to Upgrade to Linux Kernel 5.3

LXer Linux News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 10:51
Greg Kroah-Hartman, a renowned Linux kernel developer, recently announced that the Linux 5.2 kernel series has reached end of life and that users must now upgrade to Linux kernel 5.3.
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