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LXer: Announcing the Display/HDR hackfest

Linux Questions - 5 hours 29 min ago
Published at LXer:

Hi all, This is Carlos Soriano, Engineering Manager at the GPU team at Red Hat. I�m here together with Sebastian Wick, primary HDR developer at Red Hat, and Niels de Graef, GPU team Product Owner at Red Hat, to announce that we�re organizing the Display/HDR hackfest in Brno in the Czech Replublic, April 24-26! The [�]

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( penguin's eggs ) does any one have any experience

Linux Questions - 5 hours 39 min ago
good day all
i'v been looking for a replacement for systemback. and i came across a program called penguin's eggs
google is having problems translating this page.
has anyone used this program ?
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LXer: Xfce�s Apps Update for January 2023: New Releases of Thunar, Xfce Panel, and Whisker Menu

Linux Questions - 7 hours 31 min ago
Published at LXer:

The January 2023 issue of my exclusive �Xfce�s Apps Update� monthly roundup is here to inform fans of the lightweight Xfce desktop environment about the latest releases of their favorite Xfce apps, plugins, tools, and more.

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Linux md5sum Command Tutorial for Beginners (5 Examples)

HowToForge - 7 hours 33 min ago
While we have already discussed the cksum command line utility, there's another tool that you can use in scenarios where, say, you need to verify the integrity of files during transfers. The tool we're talking about here is md5sum. In this tutorial, we will discuss the basics of this command using some easy to understand examples.
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Makepkg version number?

Linux Questions - 7 hours 42 min ago
Code: dec@SparrowFart:/tmp/explode$ sudo makepkg  ../box64-2023-02-git.txz

Slackware package maker, version 3.14159265. That's the mathematical symbol Pi, isnt it? Is there some message there? (says he, posting from his RazPi)
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Install and Use nmon Tool To Monitor Linux Systems

HowToForge - 7 hours 46 min ago
Nmon is a simple, lightweight, and handy tool that lets you see what’s going on in your server. Nmon provides a simple ncurses interface to display the Linux system resources usage like CPU, memory, network, disks, file system, NFS, top processes, resources, and more.
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How to Install GlusterFS Scalable Network Filesystem on Debian 11

HowToForge - 7 hours 55 min ago
GlusterFS or Gluster File System is a free and open-source distributed file system developed by RedHat. In this tutorial, you will install GlusterFS - distributed and scalable network filesystem - on Debian 11 servers.
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ICMP RTT bigger when channel is empty

Linux Questions - 7 hours 59 min ago
Dear all,

I want to evaluate the status of a network evaluating the RTT time of ICMP. My scenario is the following one where all nodes are linux server using networking kernel stack.

< Client> ----< Router 1>---------------<Router 2> ------<Server>

| |

<Traffic generator1> <Traffic generator2>

The problem I have found is when I do ping from Client to Server without extra traffic between Router 1 and Router 2 the RTT is bigger (1,9 ms ) than when I inject traffic with traffic generators to saturate the link. In this scenario RTT is around 1.5 ms.

As far as I know, this should not be the expected behavior. Do you know what is happening or have any clude to know how to fix it?.

Thanks in advance

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VirtualBox guest windows don't open in XFCE with nouveau driver

Linux Questions - 9 hours 1 min ago
This is an odd problem (I think) that I discovered after switching from nvidia's proprietary driver to nouveau. In XFCE, with nouveau, the VB guest windows don't open but I can still hear the sound and the see the preview image in the VB interface. When I switch to Fluxbox the guest window works fine.

I've tried turining off compositing in XFCE and tried changing VB guest settings for video memory, graphics controller, and 3D accelleration. It previously worked in XFCE with the nvidia 390 series driver. I switched to nouveau after finding that was the only solution to a problem with HDMI resolution (again in XFCE but not in Fluxbox).

My system is Slackware64 15.0, kernel 5.10.99, xorg-server 1.20.14, XFCE 4.16, VirtualBox 6.1.40, GTX 750Ti

Thanks in advance for any ideas, and I can post any logs or configs you need to see
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xfce4-power-manager broken?

Linux Questions - 9 hours 3 min ago
Hi all, noticed my desktop failed to go into power saver yesterday w/ Gbus error. No big deal, now I see power manager settings disabled. I think a recent update broke it. I reinstalled xfce4-power-manager and upower but didn't fix it. Slackware current kernael 6.1.9, xfce 4.18. Can somebody point me in the right direction..debug info below if that helps...thanks Brian

Xfce Power Manager 4.18.0

Part of the Xfce Goodies Project

Licensed under the GNU GPL.

bash-5.2$ ps -ef | grep xfce4-power-manager
user 2493 2405 0 08:18 ? 00:00:00 xfce4-power-manager --restart --sm-client-id 2e67bafa3-eb7d-4dc6-952f-53d2b54ef12b
user 3181 3160 0 08:19 pts/0 00:00:00 grep xfce4-power-manager
bash-5.2$ xfce4-power-manager -debug --no-daemon

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-WARNING **: 08:20:21.370: Failed to create proxy for 'org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1'

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-CRITICAL **: 08:20:21.370: xfpm_polkit_check_auth_intern: assertion 'polkit->priv->proxy != NULL' failed

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-CRITICAL **: 08:20:21.370: xfpm_polkit_check_auth_intern: assertion 'polkit->priv->proxy != NULL' failed

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-CRITICAL **: 08:20:21.370: xfpm_polkit_check_auth_intern: assertion 'polkit->priv->proxy != NULL' failed

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-CRITICAL **: 08:20:21.370: xfpm_polkit_check_auth_intern: assertion 'polkit->priv->proxy != NULL' failed

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-CRITICAL **: 08:20:21.370: xfpm_polkit_check_auth_intern: assertion 'polkit->priv->proxy != NULL' failed

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-CRITICAL **: 08:20:21.370: xfpm_polkit_check_auth_intern: assertion 'polkit->priv->proxy != NULL' failed

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-WARNING **: 08:20:21.370: could not map keysym 1008ffa8 to keycode

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-WARNING **: 08:20:21.373: Unable to inhibit systemd sleep: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 127

(xfce4-power-manager:3197): xfce4-power-manager-WARNING **: 08:20:21.374: Failed to get keyboard max brightness level : GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Object does not exist at path �/org/freedesktop/UPower/KbdBacklight�
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LXer: A Beginners� Guide to Linux Desktops

Linux Questions - 9 hours 28 min ago
Published at LXer:

There are something like 300 Linux distributions. Thankfully, the list of Linux desktop environments is much shorter, but there are still plenty.

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How to Install Java OpenJDK and Oracle JDK on Ubuntu 22.04

HowToForge - 9 hours 59 min ago
Java is one of the most powerful programming languages. This post will show you how to install OpenJDK and Oracle JDK on Ubuntu 22.04.
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Debugging tools

Linux Questions - 10 hours 48 min ago
After installing a program, when you run it, you will encounter an error message. Now you want to debug it. What tools are needed? I know that one of the best tools is GDB, but working with it requires high expertise. Please provide me a list of tools used for debugging.
I found this, is it enough?

Thank you so much.
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LXer: How to Install VMware Workstation Player on Fedora

Linux Questions - 11 hours 29 min ago
Published at LXer:

Get the most out of your Fedora�s virtualization capabilities by installing VMware Workstation Player. Learn how here!

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Linux Questions - 12 hours 43 min ago
Small ISO which can be used to install the latest stable 4MServer:

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Nautilus search problems on Ubuntu 22.10 - Nautilus does not find files on one hard disk

Linux Questions - 12 hours 49 min ago
Hallo Forum,
maybe anybody could give me a hint how to solve a strange nautilus error:

For some reasons I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.10. (was 22.10) on a M.2 harddisk.

The hard disk has seperate partitions for / and /home.

I did copy my old docs to /home (copy paste the documents without any system files)

Everything is working fine... However if search the hard disk for files it keeps searching forever without results.
With a one letter search I still get files. With 2 letters it starts searching without result. There are no errors.

The search works for other hard disks... If I use catfish I get results. Reinstalling nautilus does not help. I have the pdf- compress script add on in Nautilus.

Thanks for any tips to fix.

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LXer: ICRA 2023 Simulated Humanoid Robot Wrestling Competition

Linux Questions - 13 hours 23 min ago
Published at LXer:

A fully open-source robot programming competition aims at developing intelligent humanoid wrestling robots.Everything is hosted/run on GitHub. Participant can program in Python, C, C++, Java, ROS, etc.The winner will receive one Ether.

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How to detect and log a DSCP mark ?

Linux Questions - 14 hours 16 min ago
Hi everyone,

I am having trouble detecting and logging a given DSCP mark. I generate DSCP marking on the nodes that generate udp traffic:

'iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -s -d -j DSCP --set-dscp 46'

This works as expected (checked with tcpdump that the dscp field is correct)

Now the problem, is to detect in an intermediate node, that the incoming packet has the dscp marking equal to e.g., 46.

What I have done is:
- In the intermediate nodes, I have tried setting this (neither works):
iptables -A INPUT -p UDP -m dscp --dscp-class EF -j LOG --log-prefix "received packet with dscp=46"
iptables -A FORWARD -p UDP -m dscp --dscp 46 -j LOG

- I have also added to rsyslog.conf this line -> kern.debug /var/log/iptables.log -> then I restarted the service and now I get some output on that file, but nothing related when it receives packets with that dscp field mark

Thanks for reading!!
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A new HPLIP for Slackware

Linux Questions - 15 hours 17 min ago
Hi guys.

For this time HP added support some a new printers:
but we stuck on hplip 3.20.5 version.

Well, we know that a new releases of hplip require avahi and Pat does not seem inclined to add avahi in Slackware. I agree with this.

So do we have any plans to update of hplip with network printing support in the future for Slackware or not?

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LXer: elementary OS 7 "Horus": A List of Best Features

Linux Questions - 15 hours 29 min ago
Published at LXer:

Discover the best new features of elementary OS 7 "Horus" across desktop, installer, welcome and native apps.

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