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How to Start, Stop and Restart Services in Debian 10

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 23:54
In this article, I am going to focus on different ways of starting, stopping and restarting the services in Debian version 10.
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Lubuntu, A Once Great Distro, Is Falling Behind

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 22:52
Up to its 18.04LTS release, it indeed worked as expected, but starting with 18.10 where the development team switched to using the Qt-based desktop LXQt instead of traditional LXDE, things started to break.
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Blokada review: Thousands of ad blocking and filtering requests per day

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 21:51
A review of an Android ad blocker
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Yesterday’s Man: The Fall of Richard Stallman

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 20:49
Although the consensus seems to be that it was time for the founder of the GNU project and the Free Software movement to step down, we shouldn't forget his many contributions aimed at keeping tech free.
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Distribution Release: Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.3 - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 20:32
André Silva has announced the release of Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.3, a major update of the project's Arch-based, free (as in freedom) Linux distribution that meets the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG). This version introduces Xenocara as the default X window display server: "After several months of....
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Introducing 'Stealing Ur Feelings,' an Interactive Documentary About Big Tech, AI, and You

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 19:48
‘Stealing Ur Feelings‘ uses dark humor to expose how Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook can use AI to profit off users’ faces and emotions   An augmented reality film revealing how …
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Linux capacity planning: 5 things you need to do

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 18:46
Capacity planning is the "black box" of Linux system administration. Here are five things you need to do to get started.
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Linux Kernel 5.3 Gets First Point Release, It's Now Ready for Mass Deployments

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 17:32
Renowned Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced over the weekend that the latest Linux 5.3 kernel series is now marked as stable and ready for mass deployments.
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How to Install Feng Office on a CentOS 7 VPS

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 16:17
Feng Office is a commercial open-source web-based collaboration platform written in PHP. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will install Feng Onsite, which is a self-hosted Feng Office solution. The install process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes, so you’ll be ready to go with Feng Office right away. Let’s begin installing Feng Office. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Feng Office on a CentOS 7 VPS.
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3.16.74: longterm

Linux Kernel - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 15:12
Version:3.16.74 (longterm) Released:2019-09-23 Source:linux-3.16.74.tar.xz PGP Signature:linux-3.16.74.tar.sign Patch:full (incremental) ChangeLog:ChangeLog-3.16.74
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Presto establishes formal community under the Linux Foundation

Linux Today News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 15:00

The open-source Structured Query Language engine Presto is getting its own project within the Linux Foundation.

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Fast Linux Application Launcher Ulauncher 5.3.0 Stable Released

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 14:43
Ulauncher, a fast application launcher for Linux, was updated to version 5.3.0. This is the first Ulauncher stable release to support Python 3, while Python 2 was completely dropped.
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How to add users on FreeBSD using adduser or pw

Linux Today News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 14:00

FreeBSD is a Unix like general-purpose operating system.

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Department of War and IBM Among Top Clients of Richard Stallman's Alleged Ouster

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 13:29
Richard Stallman (RMS) is down but not out; if we pick up the pieces and chronicle the media campaign that led to his resignation we find a leaker to the media who chose a dishonest site funded by a close friend of Bill Gates
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Pushd and Popd Commands in Linux

Linux Today News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 13:00

pushd and popd are commands that allow you to work with directory stack and change the current working directory.

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How to Find Recently Modified Files/Folders in Linux

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 12:14
2DayGeek: The Find command is one of the most useful commands that allows users to find recently modified files and folders on Linux.
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Easy Way to Screen Mirroring Android on Ubuntu!

Linux Today News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 12:00

 Learn how to screen mirror from Android to Ubuntu

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Introduction to the Linux chgrp and newgrp commands

LXer Linux News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 11:00
In a recent article, I introduced the chown command, which is used for modifying ownership of files on systems. Recall that ownership is the combination of the user and group assigned to an object. The chgrp and newgrp commands provide additional help for managing files that need to maintain group more
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How to install VMware tools in Debian 10

Linux Today News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 11:00

VMware tools enable the integration between the host and the guest operating system

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Bash bang commands: A must-know trick for the Linux command line

Linux Today News - Mon, 09/23/2019 - 10:00

Your bash history maintains a record of the commands you've entered.

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