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Login: bshea Name: Brady Shea Directory: /home/bshea Shell: /bin/bash Plan: Internet Aliases: "Brady Shea", "Brady", "bshea", "bmshea", "bmatthewshea" Game Handles: "SinfulWord", "bonecrusher" Personal Web Site: Email: webmaster (at) or web mail me Here. (mailto: Remove ".nospam." then send message). IM: Skype: brady.shea Xbox Live (360) "SinfulWord" Phone: (see resume) Other pages of contact: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Wikipedia User Page I am a computer and network consultant/contractor. I have done extensive contract work for national banks, finacial institutions and medium to large size companies. Currently, I write Installshield, Inno and Nullsoft installers (EXE/MSI) using custom pascal scripting/etc. I have been working with computers, modems, communications and networking since I was very young (Think Atari 800). My first modem was 300 baud when I was 12, and I ran a BBS. This was written in Basic. Later in C. Brady Shea's Specialties: *Installation Engineering* Creation of MSI or EXE Windows installers using Inno Setup, NSIS/Nullsoft, WiX/XML and InstallShield. *Network Design and Implementation* IP address space implementation. I have done everything including putting cabling in offices and network drops to network monitoring and router updates (BGP/etc) and upgrades. I have been an avid Linux user since 1994. I have an extensive knowledge of Linux and "Bash" scripting. I have also used Windows since Windows 3.1. I have taken classes for Windows server management including AD (Active Directory), and install- ation and management of Exchange server 2003/2007. I have worked as a network engineer in the past, and have 18 years job experience in networking as well as computer administration, deployment, hardware, and software. See bottom of page for resume. My PGP/GPG public key, which you will need to send me signed or encrypted messages or to check messages I have signed to verify it's me is at the bottom of this page! (Last modified: Thursday, 7-July-2016 13:25:52 CDT)

My Resume

Note: If resume is needed please contact me for a password to access information in this section.

If you have gotten this far, you know my name is "Brady Shea". If anyone (employers?) would like to see my resume, it is here (.doc - Word format), and here (.TXT - Plain text format) for those who are like that. If the links are unavailable go to the mail page and just message me for access or an emailed copy.


Click Here for my GPG/PGP Public Key. You can also visit The MIT Keyserver for the same thing. (shortened version without picture.) Just copy and paste into your favorite GPG or PGP frontend to add me to your keyring. I use GPG in combination with GPGshell under Windows which is updated frequently. (Just like GPG).

And if you get to know me, please take the time to sign my key.

My web server uses a self-signed certificate in DER format. Download and accept it here: certificate. Once installed as authority, you can use my secure web site: (notice the "s").

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